It is noticed that there are huge outstanding against Mess Dues in all hostels due to non-payment in time by students. The total outstanding from all hostels totals to over Rs. Two Crore, Thirty Lakh.

It is also noticed that Hostels are often found without sufficient balance towards the end of the semester forcing them go in for loans. In at least two instances, loans taken from other sources have not been repaid.

The huge outstanding and non-repayment of loans is leading to serious audit objections. In some cases, it is also leading Wardens to close the Mess.

Students are hereby notified that it will no longer be possible for the Chief Warden’s Office to locate sources for loans and also be answerable for non-payments.

Students are strongly advised to clear all their Mess Dues before semester registration, to avoid inconvenience in terms of semester registration. Their Mess Cards will also be closed due to non-payment.

Only students belonging to SC, ST, OBC and PWD will be provided an exemption of up to Rs.8000.

Following is the summary of outstanding from all hostels:

Sl.No. Hostel Outstanding Mess Dues
1 MH A 3,48,609
2 MH B 6,42,721
3 MH C 4,63,281
4 MH D 8,62,715
5 MH E(NRS) 17,49,387
6 MH E(ANNEXE) 16,91,042
7 MH F&G 14,63,170
8 MH H 14,23,374
9 MH I 24,27,227
10 MH J&K 34,43,121
11 MH L 21,72,427
12 LH 1 6,68,262
13 LH 2 7,09,544
14 LH 3 2,93,451
15 LH 4 9,13,840
16 LH 5 8,47,571
17 LH 6 1,42,000
18 LH 7 9,78,685
19 LH 8 11,96,693
20 LH 9 6,07,195
TOTAL: 2,30,44,315
Rupees Two Crore, Thirty Lakh, Forty Four Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifteen