July 05, 2017
(for immediate publication)
July 05, 2017, Hyderabad:
Apropos some news items that have appeared in a section of the press recently that the University administration has locked out Ph.D and M.Phil scholars for overstaying, the Chief Warden’s Office has clarified that over 30 Ph.D scholars have already vacated the rooms following the notice issued by his office.
The Chief Warden’s Office has been issuing notices since April to provide enough time for students to vacate by the end of summer vacations. Since some students did not heed to four such notices, the Chief Warden’s Office (CWO) had to lock out students who had overstayed beyond their eligibility period. The CWO had already clarified that Ph.D scholars who are in their sixth year and M.Phil year who are yet to complete their second year can continue to stay in the hostels.
However, Ph.D scholars who have completed over six years and M.Phil students who have completed two years of stay were locked out to provide accommodation for students in the ensuing admissions.
Representations of students were taken up case-by-case in consultation with the Ph.D supervisors and it was found that at least 16 scholars had left the hostel without informing the supervisors or authorities. The CWO will take possession of such rooms. Students who have deregistered from the Ph.D programme will be required to vacate the hostels immediately.
The Chief Warden also stated that this exercise will now be taken up on a regular basis and those completing their tenure or those deregistered will be immediately asked to vacate the hostels. In case of students who are due to submitting their thesis, the CWO will provide a relaxation for up to ten days. However, the student will be required to provide an undertaking and make a payment of Rs.70/day for the relaxation period. Once the relaxation period is over, the CWO reserves the right to take possession of the room.