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Several complaints are being received by the Chief Warden about the entry of dogs inside the hostels including the corridors and dining halls. The presence of dogs is a serious menace for majority of the boarders. Many boarders are often chased by dogs inside the hostels, which is a potential risk to human life. The corridors, dining halls, and other places inside the hostels are often found to be filled with dog poops and pukes. The barking of dogs inside the hostels creates huge noise and disturbance for the boarders.

It is brought to the notice that some boarders harbor dogs by feeding them inside hostels. Therefore, all the boarders are advised to be vigilant and refrain from harboring dogs inside the hostels as the presence of dogs is not only a serious menace, but also a hygienic issue. Disciplinary actions shall be initiated against such boarders who feed and harbor the dogs/pets inside the hostels. The hostel and security staff is given necessary instructions to drive out dogs from the hostels.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.


Chief Warden

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