Hostel Rules

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Hostel Rules and Regulations and any subsequent amendments are binding on all students in UoH hostels.

Download the more detailed version included in the Hostel Handbook.


  • Any matter related to basic amenities can be reported to hostel office/Warden.
  • Stay in the hostel is limited to the duration of the programme for which it has been allotted subject to semester registration.  Duration of stay in the hostels will be allowed as per the academic calendar.
  • Continuation in hostel cannot be claimed on the basis of applying for another programme within the same university repeaters in any course/programme are not eligible for hostel accommodation.
  • Students found indulging in ragging or similar / any other form of indiscipline will to be expelled / rusticated from the hostel / University.
  • Smoking/Consuming alcohol & other prohibited substances like drugs inside the hostels will attract disciplinary action.
  • Do not keep valuables in the hostel room.  The University is not responsible for damage or loss of your property.
  • Damage to hostel furniture, electrical fixtures & other facilities will attract heavy penalties including expulsion from hostel.
  • Taking away crockery, utensils etc  from the mess / kitchen will attract heavy penalties.
  • Do not paste anything on the walls.  For posters use only the notice boards provided.
  • Men are not permitted to visit a resident in the rooms of ladies hostels and vice-versa.  Legal proceeding will be initiated against those violating this rule.
  • Entertaining unauthorized guests shall be considered as an offence and could attract legal proceeding against both the boarder and the quest.
  • Do not use any electrical gadgets other than mobiles, & laptop in the hostel rooms.
  • The University is not responsible for any damages caused to personal property as a consequence of using them.  Gadgets other than mobiles & laptops will be confiscated.
  • Do not park vehicles in the doorway. It will be treated as violation of basic rights of differently-abled persons.  The matter will be viewed seriously and heavy penalty shall be levied including confiscation of vehicle.
  • Pay your mess bills on time. Students who do not clear their mess bills within the deadline will have to pay a fine i.e. (20% of mess basic per day).
  • Boarders are encouraged to participate in the clean and green programme of hostels as part of Swach Bharat/Swach Hyderabad.
  • Warden/DCW/CW/Flying Squads constituted by the University will make surprise checks to all the hostels at any time. During the surprise checks the boarders should produce their ID and semester registration card failing which can attract heavy penalty / expulsion from the hostel.
  • Do not forget to sign the vacation register before vacating the hostel.
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