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Dear Student,

Hope you have performed well in the end-semester exams and are having a nice vacation.

It is a matter of great concern that the Mess dues from all hostels stand at Rs. Three Crore as on date! You will understand that messes cannot run smoothly without a healthy balance and currently we do not have sufficient balance to even open the mess in January 2017.  You are therefore strongly advised to clear your mess dues well before the January 2017 semester registration.  

 If you:

Are a BBL holder You pay the dues exceeding the BBL
Are a Social Welfare Scholarship holder You pay the dues exceeding the scholarship
Are a JRF/SRF holder & the amount is credited to your bank account You pay the entire dues amount
Do not get any scholarship/ fellowship You pay the entire dues amount
Are a Non-NET fellowship holder You pay the dues exceeding the fellowship

Please note that if you have not yet applied or have not been sanctioned any type of Fellowship/Scholarship, you will still be required to clear all the dues. 

Treat this as high priority, failing which, you will not be able to register for the January 2017 semesterThe CWO thought it fit to provide you enough notice period to enable you to make the payment in time. Click below to know your mess dues and arrange to clear your dues at the earliest. Please note that the dues for November 2016 are not included and that the total dues will be more than what is indicated in the attachment.


Best Wishes
Chief Warden
December 3, 2016

Download the mess dues statement from here:

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