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TENDER NOTICE No.: UH/CWO/COTS/JAN19, Date: 23-01-2019

Sealed tenders are invited from the reputed manufactures or authorized dealers for supply of Cots under two-bid system to the University of Hyderabad.  Please quote your best rates for supply of the following items as per the specifications and terms and conditions, indicated below.

Cots 300

Item Specifications
METAL BED (COT)  (Find the Image below for ready reference)
Construction Tubular construction with fastener fitting design. Co2 weld joints good finish. Oven baked Powder coating process.
Dimensions Outer 1830 x 750 x 675

1.      Side rail Tube are of 50 x 25 mm sq tube thickness 1.6mm

2.      Head board / Tail board made up with SQ. tube of 40mm width connected by Tube ⌀ 19mm Thickness 1.25mm & 2Nos of SQ tube of 19 x 1.25thk.

3.      Metal sheet of thickness 1.25mm is supported by 5 stiffeners of size SQ 19 x 1.25 thickness.

Joinery Details Two holes in the leg tube in which upper hole is through one and lower hole is blind. Nut sert of M8 provided at lower hole. One metal strip of 2.5 mm welded at the end of side rail tube with two holes of 64mm CTC. Nut of M8 welded in upper hole and lower hole kept as it is. Bolt of M8X32mm passes through lower holes whereas bolt of M8X70mm passes through the upper holes (whose head is towards outside of the leg)


Terms & conditions
1.      The Reference No.: UH/CWO/COTS/JAN19 should be clearly mentioned on all envelopes and any correspondence with the Chief Warden’s Office including through emails.

2.      Hand-written tenders will not be accepted.

3.      Prices quoted will be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the date of opening of the tenders. No upward revision of the prices will be permitted during the validity period.

  1. If the tender is not from the original manufacturer, the name and address of the manufacturer must be mentioned for each item. Suppliers have to submit an ‘authorized dealer certificate’ from the manufacturers for the all brands mentioned in the tender. Tenders received without Authorization Certificate of the original manufacturer will be rejected.
  2. The supplier has to clearly mention the make, model, size and other specification along with the unit price. Please refer to the specifications below. Items with better specifications may also be selected.
  3. Technical bid consisting of all technical details along with commercial terms and conditions; and Financial bid indicating item-wise price for the items mentioned in the technical bid.
  4. The Technical bid and the financial bid should be sealed by the bidder in separate covers duly super-scribed with reference to Notice Inviting Tender UH/CWO/COTS, Dated 23-01-2019 and both these sealed coverers are to be put in a bigger over which should also be sealed and duly super-scribed with reference to Notice Inviting Tender UH/CWO/COTS/JAN19, Date. 23-01-2019.
  5. Appropriate brochure(s)/pamphlets/literature for every product providing full technical details must be included to enable verification.

9.      Rates for transport should be clearly mentioned.

  1. The tender should clearly indicate per unit cost and all applicable taxes separately and then arrive at a total cost on the quantities mentioned above.
  2. The quantity shown in the enquiry is provisional and it may be increased or decreased.
  3. All pages of the tender documents must be signed.

13.  It should be clearly stated in the quotation whether the rate is on the basis of delivery at the University of Hyderabad or specified location. The items may be divided among vendors depending on the suitability and price quoted by them.

14.  Only manufacturers and/or suppliers with certified service centers in Hyderabad-Secunderabad may forward their offers. Attach documents to this effect.

15.  After Sales Service: After sales service must be provided at least for a period of two years after completion of the warranty period. The University may also enter into an AMC at the appropriate time. The terms of after-sales service including the price after the expiry of warranty period must also be clearly mentioned.

16.  The minimum Warranty period on the said items must be three years.

17.   Successful bidder(s) shall be required to supply sample cot with the specifications indicated in this Notice Inviting Tender.

18.  The supplier should be able to deliver the items within 30 days after issue of purchase order. Only those with ready stocks/ capable of supplying the items within the said period may quote.

19.  In the event of delay in delivery beyond two weeks, liquidated damages @1% per each week of delay subject to a maximum of 10% of the cost of the order will be levied.

20.  The University of Hyderabad, reserves the right to reject any and all quotations (or) accept any part offer thereof without giving any reasons.  Its decision in the matter will be final and binding on all the suppliers.

21.  The University of Hyderabad will not in any way be responsible for any postal delay. Delayed quotations shall not be accepted under any circumstances.

22.  Tenders incomplete in any respect will be summarily rejected.


Delivery of Tenders & Items
The bids, in sealed envelopes with all the relevant documents are to be submitted in / delivered to the:

Office of the Chief Warden, University of Hyderabad, Prof. CR. Rao Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana-500046, India

Technical and Financial Tenders must be provided separately. Tenders will only be accepted in hardcopy.  Tenders submitted through email will not be accepted.  Financial bids of only those tenderers whose technical bids are qualified will be opened.

The tenderer’s complete correspondence address, phone number/s and email id/s and website details (if any), must be clearly mentioned in the tender documents.

Please note that upon selection, the items will also need to be delivered at the address provided above.

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
The bidders shall submit bid security (Earnest Money Deposit) at the rate of 3.5% of the quoted price in the form of Account Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, banker’s Cheque or Bank Guarantee from any of the Commercial banks or payment online in an acceptable form along with the technical bid.   The Bank Guarantee shall be valid for a period of 135 days.  Bids received without EMD or insufficient EMD are liable for rejection.  EMD shall not carry any interest. EMDs of the rejected tenders will be returned at the earliest after the expiry of the final bid validity and latest on or before the 30th day after the award of the Purchase Order.  The EMD of the selected tenderer will be returned on receipt of Performance Bank Guarantee after successful and satisfactory supply and commissioning of the items as per the terms and conditions of the Purchase Order.


Last Date for receiving tenders
All tenders should necessarily reach the Chief Warden’s Office by February 13, 2019, 3.00PM.  Any tender received after 3.00PM will be rejected.
Opening of tenders
The tenders will be opened in the Chief Warden’s Office on February 15, 2019 at 3 p.m.  Tenderers interested in attending the opening may be present at the address provided by 3 p.m. Only personnel authorized by the suppliers may attend. They will be required to leave a visiting card and submit relevant document of identity.
Terms of Payment & Dispute Resolution
Payment will be made within 45 days after delivery and satisfactory installation, testing, commissioning etc. This must be clearly specified in the tender/quotation. 90% of the payment will be made on supply & satisfactory installation. The remaining 10% will be released on production of a Performance Bank Guarantee.

Disputes, differences, if any emanating from the resultant contract shall be referred to the Arbitrator appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties.

Failure to adhere to any of the terms & conditions, and specifications might result in rejection of the tender.

Sd/- Chief Warden
University of Hyderabad

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